Floral Smudge Stick
Floral Smudge Stick
SFr. 12.00

Floral Smudge Stick


The Floral Smudge Stick made from organic white sage, lavender and marigold is tied together by hand in Spain. The organic white sage is related to our garden sage and grows mainly in southern California and Mexico.

By using white sage, the apartment is cleared of negative energies, and the rooms are filled with a calming aroma. The energetic cleansing through smoking is said to have a positive effect on well-being and concentration.

Includes: Bundle with white sage, lavender and marigolds
Dimensions: 11 cm
Origin: California, bundled in Spain

How to use
Hold the bundle of sage over a fireproof surface and light the tip of the bundle. As soon as the leaves are on fire, gently wiggle out or blow out the flames. Repeat this process until a nice glow and smoke develops.