Spray bottle
Spray bottle
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Spray bottle


Take care of your home and the plants around you. The room spray is ideal for kitchen surface sprays and other cleaning agents or as a special bottle for moistening indoor plants. The spray head can be unscrewed for easy filling and it is also equipped with a rotary nozzle for switching the spray mist on and off. Not only practical but also stylish.

Spray bottle made of recycled amber glass
Brand: Kuishi 
Material: Glass (sand, soda, limestone) and plastic, made from 45% recycled materials. The components of the glass bottles are sourced locally and the contents are protected from UV radiation through the use of amber glass. The glass is free of chemicals that are associated with plastics such as bisphenol A or phthalates.
Color: brown, black
Dimensions: 500 ml filling quantity
Origin: England